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We now have people registered from 46 countries and 49 US States.

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Office hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM EST (EDT) US to 5:00 PM EST (EDT). Weekend is mostly for family. You may register 24 hours per day 7 days each week, but responses to emails and other communications may be delayed between 5:00 PM EST (EDT) Friday and 10:00 AM EST (EDT) Monday.  Also I may not respond between 5:00 PM and 10:00 AM quickly during the week.
Frank DeLucca wishes to give people money weekly until you have received over 21 million dollars.

This offer is strictly by invitation only.

If you would like to be a receiver of monetary gifts from Frank please, click here or on the "Register" button at the top of the page. After you have registered you will be sent information by email of how you may qualify for monthly gifts. In order to receive this information, you must enter your sponsors name: Michael Johnson & ID# 1457 in the registration form.

The money you receive will be gifts and may not be taxable income. After you read the information, please check with your tax professional to find out if this is tax free to you.

For a list of people that are already receiving gifts, please click here on "Individual Gifts".

You may also track your Qualification status by clicking here on "Member List" and you can check to see how many donors have registered under you by clicking here on


Frank DeLucca ([email protected])

I, Frank Delucca, recommend that you open a Skrill account at www.skrill.com for quick and easy access to the gifts I will be sending you. Skrill is a legitimate company operating throughout most of the world and I have found that it only takes 2 to 3 days for my money to be transferred to my local bank. Fees are competitive except in some countries where government regulations may require more overhead. If you wish to have your gifts sent by Skrill, then please send me an email giving me your Skrill account email address to [email protected]

Policies and Legal Disclaimers:

The following is a detailed explanation of how the plan works, policies and legal disclaimers:

For initial qualification you must refer 2 people that give a minimum of $1.00 to Frank DeLucca. Your donors may send the donations straight to Frank or you may collect them and send them to Frank yourself. If your donors pay the money directly to Frank, please tell them to put a note of who their sponsor is with their donation.

Once qualified by referring 2 donors, you will receive cash gifts weekly, based on your position in the levels. Your position is determined by the donations you collect and send to Frank or the donations sent in by people you have referred.

No cash gift, to you, under $5.00 will be sent out. If your cash gift is less than $5.00, it will be held and added to your next gift and once it exceeds $5.00 it will be mailed to you the following week, on or before Friday. Gifts to members outside the US will receive gifts to their PayPal account or their Skrill account.

People that collect over $2.00 will be placed above all people that have collected $2.00 or less and the more you collect the higher up the levels you will be placed. Once you have been credited a gift from a level, you will not lose that gift if you happen to drop in levels due to someone jumping above you, but you will not receive another gift until another level is completed below you.

You cannot qualify by making donations, since this would violate SEC regulations which say you cannot pay people for paying money. Regulations say that you can only pay people for providing a service or for selling a product. Therefore you only qualify by providing a service of referring other donors to our program.

Your gifts will be posted on the web site on the page titled “Individual Gifts”. Gifts are sent to you the week following if it exceeds $5.00. There is no time limit on how long it takes you to qualify. We do encourage you to refer two donors that donate $1 as fast as possible because if everyone could refer two donors within 30 days that donate $1, then the gift chart posted below could be achieved and you could receive over 21 million dollars within 30 months. (This is not a requirement but is a goal in order to help as many people as possible.)

Frank DeLucca is not a business, a club, a non-profit organization or a government agency. Frank DeLucca is a private citizen collecting money from people who have earned money and paid the Federal, State and any other taxes due on that income and has given a gift to Frank DeLucca of their own free will. Frank DeLucca then gives that money to other people as a gift only. Frank DeLucca does require people to refer at least two different people under certain conditions in order to keep from giving money to people that are not willing to give something in return. Frank DeLucca believes that people should not receive anything without giving something in return. Giving money to people without conditions creates lazy people and hurts the integrity of people.

Do not give Frank DeLucca or anyone your money unless you read and agree to all policies and procedures required and you know that the people taking the money are doing what they say they will do with the money.

If you would like to become a Donor, and make a donation, you may send your gift to:

1. Frank DeLucca’s PayPal address at: [email protected]   or...

2. You may send your donation to Frank DeLucca’s Skrill account at: [email protected]

3. You may mail cash to:

                           Frank DeLucca
                           PO Box 103
                           Arlington, GA 39813