Opening the Church:

  • Open the church exterior and interior doors by 8:30AM
  • Set the thermostats in the sanctuary and the mother’s room to a moderate temp
  • Turn on the sanctuary, foyer and bathroom lights and sanctuary A/V control power
  • Check the pew seat backs for ample tithe envelopes, prayer request cards and pencils
  • Open the Sabbath School Classroom Doors. ( Sabbath School Teachers may have already done this )
  • Organize four Deacons for the offering collection service ( 5 Deacons if the choir is in attendance )
  • Set up Pot-Luck tables and chairs ( Pot-Luck Sabbaths only )

Closing the Church:

  • Clean the pews and aisles after the sanctuary service.
  • Restore tithe envelopes & prayer request/visitation cards
  • Shut off the thermostats
  • Turn off all unused lights (sanctuary, foyer, bathrooms, choir room, classrooms, fireside room, kitchen
  • Put away the tables and chairs ( after potluck and/or special event )
  • Vacuum the fireside room ( after potluck and/or special event ) the vacuum cleaners are stored in the janitors closet in the patio area
  • Lock the interior and exterior doors ( the parking lot west side glass doors: there are three, the east side main entrance glass doors, the patio entrance doors, all the classroom doors, all fireside room doors, kitchen door and the north side parking lot glass doors
  • Have a very pleasant Sabbath afternoon and evening

Maintaining the Church:

  • See the Pastor about any tasks that your expertise or efforts may be able to resolve
  • Keep an eye out for Church cleanliness and security whenever you are on church grounds
  • Don't be shy about asking visitors or strangers in the parking lot if they need any assistance
  • Be cheerful, kind and courteous to everyone you come in contact with

Below is a list of the required duties for the Associate Deacon and Selective Deacon Team.
Seventh-day Adventist Church